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We know you are a Buckeye fan...Now become part of our TEAM!

Did you know that the Buckeye Corner's team shops and licensed team merchandising are operated by LIDS Clubhouse, a division of LIDS Sports Group?

LIDS Clubhouse is a diverse, all-inclusive, industry leading team merchandising company for more than 25 professional sports teams and organizations, and collegiate athletic programs. LIDS Clubhouse operates storefronts, e-commerce, and retail for game-day concessions and special events.

LIDS Clubhouse provides a great combination to launch your career and immerse yourself in the world you already love. Many of our employees started off as loyal fans....and because of that passion for THEIR team, joined OUR team!

LIDS Clubhouse seeks out individuals who possess certain characteristics. These attributes are the four pillars of the LIDS culture:

We love competition. We believe competition is fun. From sunrise to sunset, it's what pushes us toward tomorrow. We set our bar high and look for individuals who will raise it higher. Every day is a chance to measure ourselves against our own ambitions. We never stop persevering.

We are driven by the passion for sports and the love for the game of retail. Passion to do better; to push the limits and surpass all expectations. Passion to be an ambassador of the brand. Passion to persist in a fast-paced, rapidly changing contest of the fittest. Passion to go above and beyond for our fans.

Leaders carry the torch for our future. We value those who explore possibility and ignite zeal in others. Our leaders prepare to win; expect to win without excuses. They learn. They create. They challenge. They inspire.

It's about the time you've put that you have the resources to draw upon when you are called to the line. Every day, we get better. We get stronger. We build strength; stamina. In this game, we are not satisfied with a quick win. We craft the legacy.

Electric. Exhilarating. That feeling you get from watching your team take the field...there's nothing else like it for the fan!

Game day is the retail team's time to shine! They are dedicated to fueling the passion for sports and fashionable headwear/merchandise by meeting the needs of our fans. They live and breathe the University or professional organization. It's not about the product. It's about embodying the team that they love and providing an extension of a fan's game day experience. Keeping that fan's enthusiasm alive as they march to the stadium. Our customers rely on us to help them find and select products that show their team loyalty. Working in our retail stores will require you to provide exceptional service, product presentation and in-depth product knowledge so that our customers will continue to shop with us for their fan-wear needs.

LIDS Clubhouse operates storefronts, e-commerce and retail for game-day concessions and special events.

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LIDS Clubhouse Retail Stadium Operations Managers are the face of our athletic partnerships. They build and maintain relationships with the University Athletic Department or professional sports organization while managing the pandemonium of driving sales, directing large staffs, making crucial on-the-spot decisions and being an ambassador for the organization. They meticulously orchestrate the operations of temporary-stores, permanent stores and concessions to provide an unforgettable game-day experience for the fan. Their partnership with the University or sports organization is crucial for upholding the University's or organization's reputation, visual standards and game-day experience.

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LIDS Clubhouse, a division of LIDS Sports Group, also hosts e-commerce sites for more than 25 professional sports teams and organizations, and collegiate athletic programs. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, LIDS Sports Group operates within Hat World, Inc which is a subsidiary of Genesco Inc.

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